Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Leopard of Lime Street

As Garen points out, it's been quiet here, so here's a pic for a dream project. This would be how I'd revamp classic comic strip 'The Leopard of Lime St'. Set on a council estate and giving it a parkour feel rather than a radioactive leopard.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SCAS - what shall we do now?

Hello Super Comics Adventure Squad!

As you know, the SCAS blog was started as a place to keep alive the creative spirit and camaraderie that was instigated by The DFC upon the news of its then-imminent demise.

The blog has been a fantastic fountain of British comics goodness since then, especially in its first year, though, perhaps not surprisingly, it has dwindled somewhat in past few months (largely kept alive by those magnificent Etheringtons!).

So, with the arrival of The Phoenix - for all intents and purposes a re-birth of The DFC - I have a question for you and some related possibilities …

Should The Super Comics Adventure Squad keep going?

Here are some options:

1) We close it down but keep it online as an archive that can no longer be posted to. This is probably better than it limping along with just a monthly post from one or two creators - no new audience will come for that and the effort of posting will outweigh the return in readers, who will diminish. It was good, but things move on - that's okay!

2) We keep it as it is and try to encourage more people to post their news and drawings and see if we can kick some life back into it. I think this may work for a short while, but I don't know how sustainable it is.

3) We revamp and redecorate and connect ourselves more closely with The Phoenix, including inviting new creators that will see their work in the comic. The good thing about this is that it will bring the blog back to life probably for a longer period than option 2; the other side of the coin, however, is that there may not be a need for the blog with The Phoenix being a living thing with its own site as a point of focus.

4) Never mind The Phoenix - we open it up to any UK comics creator and it becomes a central blog/hub for ALL UK comics creators to highlight their news and post sketches and stuff. This might get a bit manic (if it works) or it might die an even more dramatic death (if it doesn't)!

What do you think? Please post your thoughts in the comments and we'll see what the consensus is (readers as well as creators, let us know what you think). 

Thanks very much for reading this, and for all your support now and in the past :-)

Best wishes -
Garen (SCAS blog admin)

PS - no apologies or feeling guilty for not posting allowed - we're all busy with stuff and have our own blogs and social networks to take care of - it's okay! :-)

The Phoenix - you can now subscribe!

The Phoenix website has graduated from being a 'watch this space' news page to an (almost) fully functional site with news, previews, details and subscription details (and deals!).

  Go and check it out!

 Here are just a few little snippets of what you can expect to see - I think you'll agree that it looks rather fantastic (click for bigger version) ...