Friday, March 20, 2009

The DFC 42

What a beautiful cover featuring Donny Digits by Woodrow Pheonix...

... and you need to see the back cover too! This issue features a fantastic mix: Sausage and Carrots by Simone Lia; The Adventures of John Blake by Philip Pullman and John Aggs; Little Cutie by Gary Northfield; The Spider Moon by Kate Brown; Monkey Nuts by the Etherington Brothers; Donny Digits by 'The Mighty Woodzor'; Chicken Caesar Jnr. by Julian Hanshaw; Spectrum Black by Robert Deas; Bodkin & The Bear by Wilbur Dawbarn; Crab Lane Crew by Jim Medaway; That's A Horse of a Different Colour by Woodrow Pheonix; and Mirabilis by Dave Morris, Leo Hartis and Nikos Koutsis.

Such a great line-up, it just makes it even more unbearable to think that these comics will not have a home in The DFC by this time next week. Personally, I think The DFC is too good to die - even if its return is five years hence - so it's disappointing to read at the back "Next week in the last ever DFC..." which doesn't leave much room for optimism. But forget that - this issue presents the best argument there is as to why The DFC should exist in British comics.


  1. It's great to see Mirabilis reappear in the pages of The DFC before the end of things (sob). Is that pterodactyl (or pteranodon!) a nod to Tardi's marvellous Adele Blanc-Sec?

  2. Not overtly - but I had a bunch of things to have happen later in the year, as fantasy becomes more part of everyday life, and one note I'd made read: "a guy who wins the 31st of October in a card game" and then I was re-reading some Sandman comics and I see that Neil Gaiman had that idea years ago. So that little seed was planted there and grew, and I ended up thinking it was my own original idea. Oops. There's a fine line between hommage and the other thing :)

    I think Estelle owes some of her qualities to Adele Blanc-Sec, and we're just coming up to a bunch of adventures as they cross Europe that are very much in that whole comics tradition. But of course, those stories will not now be seen for a while...


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