Thursday, March 26, 2009

Comics in The DFC

With The DFC ending at issue 43, some of the strips have been cut off in their prime. Luckily the remaining episodes of Monkey Nuts, Bodkin & the Bear, Donny Digits and Spider Moon have been put online for all to read and enjoy - see them at The DFC website.

(from Bodkin and the Bear by Wilbur Dawbarn)


  1. just to be clear, these 3 extra pages of bodkin and the bear do not bring the story to its close -- rather to a natural chapter break..
    i've drawn 17 pages in all, and the story is planned at 40-odd pages -- and i still hope to finish it.
    more on this in a future post.

  2. Following our conversations abouuuut whether online comics work or not its good to see all that material online. It works really well as an interface so its great that those strips have a chance to be seen :-) Nice one

  3. Yay for more Bodkin and the Bear!!!
    Was one of the best strips in there!


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