Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing is a month away!

How did THAT happen?

I'm spying order pages appearing on various websites, so the wheels are turning....and I guess now's a good time to officially unveil the cover, since it's already on most of the sites, haha!
*drum roll*

So - that's the one to look out for! Not the blue-ish one that somehow found its way onto a few retail sites, ehehe.
It seems Much Ado is already listed on the Abrams site (our US publisher), so those of you in the US - yes! There will be an American release. weee ^_^
The same goes for the spiffy looking King Lear, illustrated by the mighty Illya.

Those of you in the UK keen to get hold of a copy of Much Ado before its official release, head along to They Walk Among Us on May 2nd for a day of fun, comicky frolics in the name of Free Comic Book Day, where I'll be signing along with other artists...and we'll have just 30 pre-release copies of the book, courtesy of SelfMadeHero. How exciting! I think it's going to be a fab day, so do come join us.

I'll also be at Bristol a week after that on the 9th and 10th of May, so if you miss out on the pre-release fun, head along to Bristol. Hell, even if you don't miss out on the pre-release fun, head along anyways - should be fun!


  1. smashin'!
    great play -- i played benedick once...
    'strike up, pipers!'
    (just about the only line i remember)

  2. Hooray! Yeah, that's definitely my favourite of the comedies. Beatrice and Benedick rock!

  3. and known as 'owt about nowt' up north I do believe.
    Nice cover Em.Best of luck with it and see you at Bristol. :-)

  4. Gorgeous cover!

    I once saw a marvellous open-air production of this in Hobart botanical gardens where the stage kept being invaded by a nosy possum, forcing the cast ad-lib around it wildly. Certainly the most I've ever belly-laughed at a Shakespeare comedy.

  5. Brilliant, mate! Absolutely Brilliant! Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite play, and im sure it'll look even cooler in Manga!


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