Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ugly ogre

my kids asked me to draw them an ugly ogre...

i've been splashing so much black ink on the page lately it seemed natural to have a go at trying white on black...

the full (slightly larger) version is here... couldn't decide which edit i like best.


  1. Both!
    This looks like an illo from a kid's book (actually I have that scene from The Hobbit in my head) and the larger one feels looser and more open with that border around it.

  2. For me, the larger one has the edge. I love the world you're creating with these funny/dark pictures.

  3. Beauuutiful! I love these pics, Will, beautiful technique.

    I don't know, I go away for a week and when I come back there's so much ludicrously gorgeous art on here it's frankly rather intimidating!

  4. It's the larger one for me, too; it breathes better, and has that nice scratchy perimeter to boot.

    I've been doing a load of inky graveyards and mangled trees myself of late. Can't beat them, can you? 'Have to close the blinds, mind, what with all this pesky sunshine trying to get in and compromise the vibe.

  5. Really beautiful drawing Will. I've just dug out my dip-pens for some doodlin', but now you've inspired me to maybe dust down my brushes instead!

  6. Pens and brushes eh. Who would have thought ;-)
    I like the one with the sitressed border but... did you have to pant the border on with white paint to make it look like it was a rough black edge? how twisted. Nice work though :-) reminds me of those illos we did at school where you would cover a piece of paper with black crayon and then scratch away at it. I guess in actuality the world it black and we only see the things that get lit up. :-)

  7. many thanks all!

    gary, i did use a dip pen, too, but yes, i suppose it was mainly brushwork.

    andrew -- you said "did you have to pant the border on with white paint to make it look like it was a rough black edge?" -- crikey no!
    the rough black edge just happened when i painted the initial background of black ink onto a white page (i haven't got any black paper)

  8. ye gods man. Make your life difficult (and potentially messy) or what? ;-)

  9. um... well, not really...
    i just painted the page with black ink and came back to it later once it had dried...
    besides, getting a bit messy with a bottle of ink is all part of the fun :D


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