Thursday, May 21, 2009

From the archives...

Following on from Sarah's Cyrano comic, I thought I'd post this drawing I did in 1993 as a thank you card from the cast of a production of Cyrano (in which I had no involvement) to the director. I also wrote a pretty bad poem that went with it (below).

"This man, whose wit was without end
His poetry captured each heart
Was a gentleman whose mind he did lend
To a soldier who looked more the part

The lady in question thought it was love
'Til the fighter's life did close
Then her eyes cleared, as her true love neared
It was Cyrano, who followed his nose."


  1. Hurrah!!! Yay, I love Cyrano so much. And gosh, has your style changed, mister!

  2. I was widdly-diddly line fiddler for many years, but I got them all (well, most of them) out of my system.

  3. yeah, great to see this

  4. Hey. Nothing wrong with widdly diddly ;-)

  5. Widdly-diddly lines ... my guilty pleasure.


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