Friday, May 15, 2009

Monkey Nuts guys set up shop

Hey, the Etherington Brothers just sent out this press release!

Upon our recent travels we were lucky enough to stumble upon a small comic store in desperate need of a makeover. After convincing the owner to let us use his premises for free, we began the process of converting this once shambolic shop into a collector's delight - a cornucopia of treats.

The Comics Boutique is now open for your delectation and is proud to be the only online home for the Blink Twice professional comic board, Malcolm Magic books and the all new range of Lorenzo sketchbooks (see below for more details). New treats will be added throughout the year so be sure to visit often!

GO HERE to stare longingly at the boutique in all it's glory, marvel at our current wares or treat yourself to something pretty!

Okay, guys, we want PHOTOS of this shop of yours, PHOTOS.


  1. How can there be photos? Its virtual innit? ;-)

  2. Say WHAT!!! The Etheringtons have a shop!! When was the opening? Why weren't we there? XD
    That's amazing news!

  3. Naw, I'd prefer to stay under the illusion that they've been clearing out old boxes of moose heads and Commodore computers and are busily painting the sign out front (at 200% size, of course).

  4. @emsie. We were there. We are there, all of us. In out other little world. Bit like this blog. We are all sitting in the same room having a chat ;-)
    Hey. I wonder whether there are any comics shops in 'Second Life'


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