Friday, May 1, 2009

more monsters

Yesterday Gary Northfield helped me christen the first pages of two sketchbooks with monster drawings. We both drew the top half of a beastie then swapped sketchbooks and pens and drew the bottom half.

Gary's kindly said I can crash at his table for a couple hours in the afternoon at London's MCM Expo on Saturday, 23 May. Do come along, there will be loads of DFC people there both days, including organiser Emma Vieceli, Laura Howell, John Aggs, Nick Abadzis, Kate Brown and Tony Lee. And with all the weird and wonderful costumes, it's a great place for people watching. Unmissable, in fact!

(More whittering about sketchbooks and art supply on my blog here.)


  1. Those are beautifully drawn bananas!

  2. And such delicate track suit bottoms!

  3. We should do more picture consequences here - is there a way that we can pass afolded up bit of paper around the internet?

  4. Have you seen Monsterland? I played around on it ages ago - in fact I think my monsters are still there.

  5. I hadn't - and I think I'm going to have to come up with a more original name for my new comic now!

  6. Super Monster Adventure Squad? :-D


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