Monday, June 15, 2009


A drawing I was playing around with turned into a cover for a non-existent book and then it only seemed right to have a go at some fakery of creases and tears. Didn't get it spot on at this first attempt but it was enough fun that I might do a few more.


  1. Looks pretty spot on with the ageing, Dave! Great stuff!

  2. looks pretty good to me too -- somehow i always imagined that sort of thing was done with a photoshop filter or something -- you mean you did it by hand?

  3. Yeah what's your secret? I would've printed it out, creased it then scanned it in again!
    I love it.

  4. I just used the technique detailed by Les McClaine here with a bit of my own improvising added (but without using such a good battered paperback as a source for the creases).

  5. Very cool. Another Faux Book cover :-)
    Think its about time I posted another one too although might not make it creased


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