Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ever wondered what, "Oi! My Sandwiches!" is in Hungarian? Then wonder no more...

My comicstrip World's Greatest Heroes which turns up every month in National Geographic Kids, is now appearing in the Hungarian version of the mag. I particularly like the idea that Hungarian sheep shout out "Bee!" instead of "Baa!". (That's Sir Edmund Hillary, by the way, encountering the perils of mountain-climbing in New Zealand!)


  1. (Actually I first translated the phrase "that is really good" into Hungarian, but when I translated it back into English it said "I love you!")

  2. Apparently cows in Hungary say "ordolop" instead of "moo"!

  3. I want to go to Hungary now, just to hear a cow say "Ordolop!".

  4. Hungary is great. Spongebob is called 'Spongyabob Kockanadrág' over there.


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