Monday, June 8, 2009

Booked Up!

Hello, me again! Cross post from my blog...

Had some great news the other day as I unexpectedly received a paperback version of Derek The Sheep; apparently the book has been chosen as the picture book option for the Booked Up scheme, from Booktrust! All year 7 children entering participating Secondary Schools will be able to choose a free title from a small selection of books to encourage them to read.

From what I've read elsewhere 98% of schools took part last year with over 2 million children getting a free book. So of course, if they are in the scheme, your children and all their friends are duly encouraged to plump for Derek!


  1. wow, that's brilliant news, mate!

  2. That's fantastic, well done! Wow, that's a lot of impressionable young minds in one fell swoop! ;)

  3. That is brilliant, mate. The free book thing with Year 7 is always a winner. We often try to do something in the classroom so the kids can review the books they choose etc, so this'll be great! I LOVE that book.


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