Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun With The Alphabet!

Inspired by our very own Garen Ewing's A-Z of Comic Strip Characters from last year, I decided to do my own! Only I thought I'd widen the remit out from comic strip characters, to just Stuff That Is Awesome, generally. I'll be posting a picture a day, for every letter of the alphabet, on my blog. Suggestions for what to draw are very welcome, either by means of a Facebook Group I've set up for the purpose, or via comments on my blog / twitter.

Here is the first entry: A is for... Aztecs in Atomic Armour Attacking Anomalous Amphibians.

This was kind of a conglomeration of suggestions from Matthew Allen Smith and SCAS' own James Turner.

I think I know what B is going to be, but suggestions are now being actively welcomed for what I should draw for C and D!


Please remember that this is an all-ages blog, and the language and content of comments should take that into consideration. Thank you.

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