Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Looping the loop

Here's a great painting by Martin McKenna (cross-posted from the Mirabilis blogsite) showing what it's like in our world now that midsummer's here and we've reached the perihelion of the green comet that's bringing magic into everyday Edwardian life. I'm terrified of heights so it's quite hard to look at this picture without shaking!


  1. wonderful stuff! great to see the mirablis wagon rolling.

  2. Thanks, Will. The wagon is full of lovely stuff: 180+ pages of great comic art by Leo and Nikos and a dozen superb paintings by Martin. The frustration is just that, for contractual reasons, we can't get that wagon on the road for people to see. But I have a few plans ;-)

  3. Yowsa, that's lovely.
    Pesky contractuals. We need to see more!

  4. I'm told we should get some progress soon on a publication date for the first book. Here's hoping.


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