Tuesday, June 30, 2009

watch and wonder

a master at work. I want one of those tablets!


  1. Hey, I was there for that! Okay, so I missed the Giraud talk, but I did get to see Range Murata play with one of those expensive things!

  2. Hope you don't mind, Adam, I just tidied the link up. Great video!

  3. One day they will do a 'rotate' function. Then we will be rockin'
    That said. Would it not be just as fast and easy to do it on paper. At least that way you would have an original.

  4. I just upgraded Photoshop to CS4 and there's a rotate function on that (though I don't draw digitally myself).

  5. Is there??! :-) I never knew that. Cool.
    Is there a Moebius filter ;-)

  6. you can rotate the canvas in Painter. so there.


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