Friday, July 17, 2009


This has been done for CAPTION. The Oxford comics convention. Will be interesting to see which version they use


  1. I prefer the version with nipples, myself, so as to make the juxtaposition of life and death, suppleness and rigor, more "in your face". Either way it is a beautiful pic, Andrew.

  2. Cool! Hey, I want to draw a fairy. Hmm... what's some activity that you really, really wouldn't expect to see a fairy doing?

  3. Helping an old lady across the road? (Unless the road in question is the M3.) Admittedly I tend to focus on the idea of bad fairies ;-)

  4. @sarah. Are you not doing one for Caption? The theme is 'Away with The Fairies' which could be whatever. I went a bit traditional but it was something that I needed to do.
    I got all nervous about the nipples after the whole 'spam' episode. Wouldnt want to post anything inappropriate. 'Proper' version is here

  5. @well... all of you really! Yes, Caption will not be clamping down on nipples... oo-er!
    @Sarah. I do hope you will be drawing a fairy for us! Likewise anyone else who'd like to take part. I'd need pics by the end of July to make sure they get into the Caption Programme before we go to print.



  6. Thanks Emsie :-)
    I think there is a whole story to be told here. Maybe I ought to start writing something ;-)



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