Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goat Chap!

This is a bit of a different style from my usual cartoony stuff but it was fun to try. I've got no idea how to start colouring him though!
(From my Blog)


  1. I think it works really well in monochrome. I like his expression - and the flail that's also a censer, that's great.

  2. don't colour it please! it rocks!

  3. You have so much tone definition that if you just drop on the 'local' colour it would look cool :-) Thats the way Richard Corben used to do it

  4. Thanks Jim, glad you like it as it is!

    Cheers Andrew, I'll definitely try that. If the results are a success I'll be sure to post it up in a few weeks!

    Thanks guys!

  5. That's really nice! Makes me want to have a game of Runequest :-)


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