Thursday, August 13, 2009

Couple O' Covers

Top: cover of a kids' graphic novel I've been beavering away on (further details and process pics chez blog)...
Bottom: the front of New British Comics 2, due later this year and full of all sorts of Ace People!


  1. FAB covers, both of 'em! I especially like the in-yer-faceness (technical term) of the John Henry one. I actually had heard of him (vaguely) so I'll be reserving a copy of the book to find out more.

    That's not to understate the allure of crazy hair, teacups and sinister clown-types, of course...

  2. LOVE John Henry! He was my storybook hero as a kid(this was in the 1950s,mind)so brilliant he's made it into a graphic novel!


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