Sunday, November 22, 2009

Morris Favourite Book Shock!

Just thought I'd share...

My daughter (who is 5) has to take her favourite book into school tomorrow for some sort of show and tell.

Guess what she chose?


  1. Ha, awesome!

    (My kid is getting it for Christmas, I am expecting it to go down well...)

  2. I would get it for my youngest daughter too but at 21 she might not be too impressed. on second thoughts though ;-)

  3. I bought it for myself but ended up giving it to my six-year-old youngest... (I'll have it back when he's moved on to girls and sniffing glue).

  4. And what's more, I sent in the colouring sheets etc which the teacher promptly photocopied and used with the class. Only one problem: we haven't had the book back yet...

  5. Photocopied?? Sounds like a breach of copyright. Sarah, call the lawyers!! ;-)

  6. Sarah provided them for download for free from the website. That's what they're for! You scamp, Wildman.


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