Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Midnite Owl

Midnite Owl is a new comic strip from Patrice Aggs (artist for The Boss in The DFC) and Sam Llewellyn. As it says on the website:

Take a look at the pages of the Midnite Owl as they arrive online. You will witness the terrible events at the birth of the Rogers Foundation. You will see an ordinary kid turn into an ace pilot, and another ordinary kid turn into a genius engineer. You will see…

But that's enough of that. Dog the hatches. Strap in. Throttle up. We're off.

Click here to read more - it looks fabulous.


  1. Brilliant, thanks for linking it, Garen! :D

  2. This is fabulous. It's got great art by Patrice. It's being given away free, which is the only sensible way to launch a new comic. And best of all, it's about little guys taking on the big corporations - hooray!

  3. I love this - it's a really excellent, beautifully crafted piece of work aimed at adventure orientated children. The kind of thing that we see all too rarely these days.

    I wish Patrice and Sam every success with this fabulous project.


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