Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nihongo wo hanasemasu ka?

Undeterred by the almost total absence of airships, big eyes, cute kids or wacky talking animals, Leo and I have decided to undertake the Benkei-sized task of getting 190-odd pages of Mirabilis translated into Japanese. The first ten pages are here and here.


  1. Wow! Super Amazing Best Goodness!

  2. Just an amazing, but methinks very logical initiative and boy! don't those pages have an added degree of Oriental elegance in the process?

    Really lovely, lovely work.

  3. Thanks, guys. There certainly is something very cool design-wise about the Japanese script. It makes every panel look like it could be on a T-shirt :)

  4. It really does - those pages just look amazingly cool - really nice job on the lettering, and best of uck with your eastward-bound ventures!

    I want Japanese Mobot High now! Even just one page, for my wall! Going to have to pester my pal in Japan now...


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