Sunday, February 14, 2010

Comic con

Hello creators, and readers. Hope it's ok using the blog for this. A friend and I are hoping to put on a comic con in not so sunny Lancaster with a particular focus on workshops and talks. We want it to be children and family friendly (our goal is to encourage kids to become readers and creators) and I can't think of a finer bunch of suitable creators than DFC folk.
Anyone who is interested in taking part in whatever capacity drop me an email paulmhd'at'
Please let me know if this is inappropriate to post on here, and I'll take it down.
Thanks for your time!


  1. Paul, it's not at all inappropriate. It's a great idea, and imo one of the very things this blog exists for.

  2. I'd be most interested in being involved, Paul, if I'd fit in. You mentioned this at Thought Bubble, didn't you? Sounds marvellous.

  3. Obviously, as it's YOU, I'll do it!!! Any idea when, yet?

  4. Thanks chaps, much appreciated.
    Had a meeting about it last week and we've got the venue sorted and a date (July 24th, bit blummin' soon!) we jsut have to motor with the funding - having the venue helps as they already deal with art council grants and what not.
    Think I've got all your emails, so I'll be in touch.
    Cheers again!

  5. Ah bottoms. I'm having a rare week away starting 23rd July. Having said that, it's a come-and-go group holiday with friends, so I'm still keen - but I'll have to see how it fits. Please still keep me on the 'very interested' list. Great you've got a date and venue though!


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