Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sneak peeks

Leo, Martin and I have just been finalizing how to divide the first Mirabilis book into eight chapters - or issues, I guess is another way to look at it.

Without any forward planning at all, the whole thing breaks up very nicely into comic-book-sized chunks of around 20-25 pages each, and here are the individual covers.

We got so carried away with the idea of each chapter being a comic book in its own right that we've even added a letters column edited by the chaps at the Royal Mythological Society.

The first issue is already up as a flipbook on the Mirabilis website as a preview of goodies in store. As for the rest of the series - more news very soon!


  1. Awesome! Jesus, love the composition on those covers, such a dynamic looking series of images!!

  2. Thanks, Lorenzo! Leo didn't want to use them at first as they're just panels I grabbed from the story, ie never intended to work as covers. Yet they do!

  3. Man, they REALLY do! Fantastic work!



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