Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Spider Moon - Launch Party!

I know I said there probably wasn't going to be one, but eh, I guess I lied! The [rather belated] Spider Moon launch party (is it more of an unlaunch party? Like an unbirthday?) will totally be in Oxford on 6th August from 7-9pm.

We've literally just sent out email invites, however, I'm very concerned I have missed some emails since I was not able to locate some people's addresses, so... if you or anyone else you know might like to come along, please shoot me an email!

extra.minty (at) gmail (dot) com

Kate x


  1. Sounds great, Kate, and about time!

  2. I was reading Spider Moon the other night Kate and I have to say it's just a work of real beauty and enchantment. I was impressed when I saw it in the DFC comic but in it's current album incarnation on better quality paper and printing it really glows.

  3. I was rereading it the other day too. Will blog about it soon. Wish I could make the launch party. :(


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