Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Tom Thumb" Preview

Having had my head buried in this little(ish) project for the last couple of months, and being on the cusp of having it all signed off, I couldn't help but share a few preview pages over on my blog. What a great feeling, being able to unleash stuff on the world after slaving silently over it for weeks. Is it true that the sun's been out?


  1. Fabulous - your blog is always such a treat to visit. Artwork to droool over!

  2. Really beautiful work Nelson, I've just toddled over to your blog and feel really inspired by what you've posted.

    Fabulous work as ever!

  3. Nelson, your work is ASTOUNDING! Can't wait to see that book in print!

    Top work, sir!


  4. Lorenzo, I'm more than a little humbled by that! Thanks :)


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