Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'Spider Book Launch Party!

(Click to embiggen!)

I think it went really well! Many thanks to everyone who helped out and many thanks to those who were able to come! :D Write-up here, and more photos here.

Yaaay :D


  1. Looks like a fabulous venue, Kate, and the displays of the books just look scrumptious. Sorry we couldn't make it along - but how marvellous to be able to get such a glittering turn-out right there in the DFC's heartland. I hope that other UK publishers are taking note!

  2. Sorry I couldn't be there - glad it went well for you.

  3. Ellie and I missed the first hour (snarfin' M25!) but we were really glad to be there. And I'm feeling all DFC'd today as well as I bagged a copy of Monkey Nuts!

  4. Hey Kate!!! Ma'am, this looked like SUCH an awesome night!! Some amazing photos and it looked like everyone was having so much fun! And those prints look beeeeeutiful!!! Such a gorgeous book and such a suitable classy event to celebrate it! So sad we weren't there! Keep rocking, missy!


  5. Hey guys! Thanks for such lovely comments :D One day we shall all have to get together and have some kind of massive DFC-based Mexican Wave! (Or something!)


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