Thursday, September 23, 2010

Monkeys, Robots, Bananas

Hey, I drew some Monkey Nuts fan art! Click for bigness!

And while I'm here, GOOD LUCK to the men behind the nuts, Bob & Lorenzo, on their Grand Tour!


  1. Man, that is AWEEEEEEEEESOME!!!!!!! Holy-moly! Pal, thank you so much for doing this, such a buzz to see our characters in your superb style and colours! I've blogged this and no mistake! Thank you so so so much pal, I'm going to have to really up my game for the mo-bot high piece I'm gonna do for the launch of your book, aren't I?



  2. Dude, I find the thought of you upping your game LEGITIMATELY TERRIFYING. Your game is plenty high already!

  3. That is fantastic, Neill - love it! I owe those Etheringtons a bit of fan-art too...

  4. Hey Neill! Haha! Well, man, with the detail you put into the pages of that book I feel I'm gonna have to do 'em justice!

    Garen! Ooooh...that would be awesome! Hope you have a good time in Bath tonight, hoping to be there too but I'm currently a bit under the weather!! Poo!


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