Friday, September 10, 2010

More Stranski

So, despite my best attempts to get it all done before the wedding, I still have a lot of work on Baggage to do, which means pretty long days at the drawing board. To stop myself going stir crazy, and to keep my head fresh creatively, I tend to do a little bit of sketching in amongst it all. So here's another piece from Stranski.



  1. Fabulous artwork Lorenzo - looks a bit like a variant on a Rolls Royce Armoured Car. Brings to mind a sequence from Tintin's adventure in China - "The Blue Lotus".

    Anyway - lovely stuff!

  2. That's gorgeous! Love the linework, colours, texture... man oh man. :D

  3. Brilliant. Your work ethic leaves me in awe, Lorenzo - you're an illustration powerhouse!

  4. Thanks Peter! Yes, it's definitely styled to that era! Glad it made you smile!

    Thank you Sarah! What a nice response! Much appreciated!!

    Cheers Nelson, and right back at you bro, I don't know how on earth you have time to put the work you put into your them! Always LOVE when you update your blog!


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