Thursday, January 13, 2011

A clever widget

We've been playing around with promo sites like BookBuzzr as a way of spreading the word about the Mirabilis app (still available here - once you've bought your iPad that is).

On BookBuzzr you can set up a look inside view of your comic, and you get a widget like the one above that you can put on your blog or website. All absolutely free too, so a perfect fit for advertising budgets like ours.

And it seems to work. This week Mirabilis is #1 in BookBuzzr's charts for Young Adult, #1 in Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and #1 in Comics & Graphic Novels! I don't yet know whether this translates into real sales, but any of you guys who have a book or comic out there ought to give it a go.

Incidentally this particular sneak peek is an extra freebie that even the iPad customers don't get, as it's the first few pages of Mirabilis issue 2, which on iPad is one of the in-app purchases. This episode originally appeared as "The Wrong Side of Bedlam" in DFC number 34. Can you believe that was two years ago? Incredible.


  1. A really good looking way of previewing the app, very good to know! Glad to hear the book's still proving super-popular!!


  2. Thanks Lorenzo. And today we're at number one in the whole of BookBuzzr! Gasp.

    I guess BookBuzzr is a sort of YouTube for books. I haven't looked into it enough to know if you can set up channels like on TouTube, but if so it would definitely be worth doing a DFC Library channel with sneak peeks at all those lovely titles.

  3. Hey, congrats!!!!

    Yeah, i think you have a very good idea there, maybe something to roll out a little later in the summer, for the build up to the next three titles.



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