Friday, April 1, 2011

Superkids in SuperSoftware!

Taking time out from a hellish deadline to post an image from an epic series of books for slow reading 15-16 year olds. The brief for these books was fairly open in terms of costume design, so I just went for it and to my amazement the editors actually gave me a thumbs up on all the Goth gear with bondage overtones.

The work itself is all created digitally working from a scribble in Manga Studio, which then provides the underpinning for the rest of the work which is all executed in Illustrator. I used to regard Illustrator as just way to klunky and labor intensive to make any sense with regard to meeting deadlines. But five years ago and with my work beginning to look more than a little tired I gave up working in Photoshop after doing a half hour illustrator tutorial creating a Manga Rabbit in Adobe Illustrator via a free CD from Computer Arts magazine.

After that there was no turning back and I have stuck with Illustrator ever since. In fact I love this friggin' software. It is amazingly alive and tactile in a way that Photoshop can never be. Not only can you blow up your images to epic proportions with no pixellation evident (that's because there are no pixels to pixellate - it is a vector programme), but it is very easy to adapt and adjust literally at the click of a mouse and the twiddle of a pen tool.

So here are some images including screen captures to give you an idea of how this all comes together.


  1. Awesome work, man, and great to see your process!


  2. That's really so generous of you Lorenzo and congratulations on you guys selling out the first print run of Monkey Nuts.

    I'm still trying to comprehend how you Etherington chappies manage all this tremendous output.

    Do you actually sleep?

  3. Ah, no probs man, I really love your stuff, always have! Thanks for the congrats! Haha! I always think I'm a bit slow actually, so I appreciate the thumbs up! Keep up the awesome work pal, and keep on updating us here!


  4. Lorenzo - you think you're slow?!! Hmm. I think you're secretly The Flash and may not realize it :)


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