Thursday, April 28, 2011


The soon to appear FRONTIER book has now had all the pages reformatted. this is due to the fact that the page size and proportion is different to that of the DFC. Writer Jason Cobley and myself have also decided to remove all the episode headings so that it reads as one long story. Not only that but there are three, count 'em, three pages of additional art. All this plus background information and supporting material and it should be a very satisfying read.
And here.... is the cover to the book. All being well and with a good tail wind it should be on sale at ThoughtBubble


  1. Love that cover! We had the same reformatting chores on Mirabilis - and I created a double headache for myself by using a rich mixed black for text, only to be told that it needed to be pure K black for traditional printing. You live and learn :)

    Anyway, it will all be worth it because Frontier is going to look stupendous in big Euro-album size with the level of top-quality printing it deserves!

  2. This looks excellent!! Can't wait to see the thing in the flesh!! Great work, guys!!



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