Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick Plug for 'Sounds Of The Past - Wild West'

Templar Publishing (UK)/ Silver Dolphin (US)

Hello all, hope this finds you extremely well. Just wanted to share/plug this book I illustrated recently - my big box of comp copies arrived last week, which is always the best part of any job, but even more so with this one. It pops up! It makes noises! It's ace!

Due out August 1st - you can pre order it from Amazon UK.


  1. Mate, that is outrageously cool! Such a nice old school feel to the illio style on this one, your colours, as ever, are off the CHAIN! Fantastic work bro, flippin' fantastic!

  2. Cheers Lorenzo! It came out looking a lot like my old pre-digital painted work of yore, except, um, all done digitally. Computers are well clever, aren't they?

  3. Mate, it just looks incredible! I think it's YOU that's seriously clever!

    Great work buddy!



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