Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Rainbow Orchid volume 3 preview

I have just published the first strip of a short preview extract for The Rainbow Orchid volume 3. A new strip will appear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next five weeks. Click here to read the first one.

Also, if you like adventure films and need something to occupy your ears for an hour, my brother Murray and I have just started a short series of podcasts dedicated to ten of the best adventure films ever committed to celluloid, starting with the original 1933 King Kong. See here!


  1. Cannot WAIT to get my paws on a copy of this! Fantastic work Garen, first strip up looks great! And nice work to you and your bro on the adventure movies blog! Some very fine choices in there!! Hope everything's going well for you, any news on RO volume 4?

  2. Thank you very much, Lorenzo! There is indeed news on RO vol 4 - it's been cancelled due to the fact that the story ends with volume 3 :-D (ho ho). I will be doing a new shorter Julius Chancer adventure on the website later this year.

  3. Ah, well I for one could certainly delve further into that world, so I look forward with excitement to that web-based delight, and volume 3 of course!! You're an inspiration for us all, Garen!



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