Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Echoes of Tintin" (he said)

Here's the first ever glimpse (well, almost) of Mirabilis Book 3, which Leo and Nikos and I are working to get ready in time for release in March next year. And as added encouragement, we just got a marvellous review for Book 1 from the discerning Mr Richard Bruton on the Forbidden Planet blog.

I'm looking forward most of all to the feedback from the kids in Richard's school library, but in the meantime comparisons to Tintin, Bryan Talbot, Bret Blevins, Jacques Tardi and Jules Verne are certainly making our work go with a swing today. Heigh-ho, heigh-ho...


  1. Great sneak-peek of Book 3, and a fantastic (and seriously well-deserved) review of book 1. Congratulations to all you guys, you certainly deserve a LOT of reviews like that!

    Good luck with production of book 3, I bet it's good to know there's just one more volume after that!!


  2. Thanks, Lorenzo! But... just one more volume? I'm afraid not. There are going to be four volumes just in season two (though a little shorter than the first two books) so at the moment it's looking like there will be at least ten volumes in all. Argh :-)

  3. Jesus holy joseph! What are you writing?!!! That's a big series, what an undertaking! I'm sure it will be HUUUUGE in all respects!

    I need to make room on my bookshelf...!



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