Friday, March 27, 2009

The DFC 43

So here it is... the last issue (just for now). And it has a lovely collaborative cover that spreads over the front and back...

The contents... DFC by Nick Sharratt, Sausage and Carrots by Simone Lia, John Blake by Philip Pullman and John Aggs, Little Cutie by Gary Northfield, The Spider Moon by Kate Brown, Monkey Nuts (two episodes) by The Etherington Brothers, Donny Digits by Woodrow Pheonix (obviously), more Sausage and Carrots by Simone Lia, Spectrum Black by Robert Deas, Bodkin & the Bear by Wilbur Dawbarn, Crab Lane Crew by Jim Medway, That's a Horse of a Different Colour by Woodrow Pheonix, Mirabilis by Dave Morris, Leo Hartas and Nikos Koutsis... and ending off with a double-page goodbye spread from the DFC's creators and characters... sniff!

Typing all those titles and names out really brings it home just how packed each issue of The DFC was, and a wonderful variety too. Don't forget you can see further episodes of some of these strips at The DFC website.


  1. I've put this on my blog list linked here..

    I must admit I nearly cried reading the last two pages all those goodbyes...

    We'll meet again...don't know when...don't know where...
    is going round in my head...Vera Lynn

    I hope DFC will come back..


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