Tuesday, March 31, 2009


New projects always start with a rough idea, a theme, an intention, a message or all sorts of other ways of developing a story. With regard to characters it swims around in your head as a sort of unfocussed, half seen impression of what the character looks like. Eventually you put something down on paper. Anything, just to begin to have it become real. So. With that in mind here is one of those sketchbook scribbles that is just about beginning to create the character for a new Cobley/Wildman project.
More soon


  1. Lovely. Even that sketch is enough to make you warm to the character right away. But I hope this doesn't mean you'll be abandoning Frontier?

  2. I think the character will probably change quite a lot from this but it is that first stab.
    There is always the possibility that FRONTIER will be developed further by Random House or picked up by another publisher but need kepp moving forwards.

  3. So cute :)
    Hey! You have a Moleskine! I want a Moleskine....

  4. I do. Always meant to get one and then I did. Must admit to not being as impressed with the paper surface as I thought I would be. Ah well. Onward :-)


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