Wednesday, April 1, 2009

how i make comics

I just came up with this for London's Cartoon Museum, to go in their school packs. Read more about it on my blog!


  1. Best comics tutorial ever. x

  2. Fantastic! "Four legs good..." hehehe

  3. So I predict a flood of 'What kind of pen and nib do you use' type questions :-)
    I must admit that I feel a little happier about my belly bulge now ;-) I always thought it must be there for a reason.

  4. Never mind nibs, belly bulges are ESSENTIAL for making good comics. :-)

    And the 'phone a friend' usually means 'phone Woodrow'. He's saved me several times.

  5. wonderful! hope this also turns up in a future publication of yours sarah... we don't want those dear kiddie-winks having ALL the fun!!!



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