Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another 'Could Have Run'

One of the other ideas that myslef and Mr Cobley were pitching at the time of TheDFC was META-PHYSIX. You may have seen the illo before and it has appeared in Dez Skinn's book Comic Art Now. Its still a project that we very much believe in and there is a growing possibility that a spin off from this will be picked up by a Canadian publisher very soon. Fingers and toes crossed for that one. Myself and Jason are working on the proposal over the next few days.


  1. Looks intriguing. And that's a fabulous robot. Best of luck with the Canadian deal!

  2. Ooo, fingers and toes crossed, indeed!!

  3. Thanks. You will certainly know when I know ;-)

  4. I hope to see it !
    Why not with the US publisher "DDP" ?
    With their future "Dread Force", Mecha stories maybe its mark of fabrick!

  5. DDP? Nevererdovem.

  6. Oh Jason :-/ Devils Due Publishing ;-)


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