Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Huzzah What I Noired

I got a chance to do something for Huzzah!! Noir over the long weekend, I wanted to do a couple of pages but ended up doing just the one. I tried out a different style, looser and rougher than what I might usually do, I think parts of it are more successful than others, but I enjoyed doing it. I love Film Noir so I get to watch loads of great films and call it research.

Oh, I should mention that good man, bad man, Dave Shelton, has joined Huzzah!! Noir so that's another DFCer added to the group!


  1. Lovely - I'm a sucker for noir, and this looks like top noir!

  2. Hey Clam, that's amazing! That must've taken ages! (Please tell me it did...!) ;-)

  3. Thanks everyone! I took inspiration from the 4 previous pages that Ian, Paul Harrison-Davies and Rob Davis drew. Lovely work by all of them.

    Sarah, I knocked it up in an hour! Alright, alright, yes, it did take a while, probably about a solid day or day and a half. I started on it Monday afternoon and then worked all through the night like a big, dumb, galoot. I haven't been to bed yetzzzzzzz...

    Before starting on it I'd spent some of the time limit (3 days) watching appropriate movies and doodling to get in the mood. I cobbled it all together from some rough pencils that I scanned in, the rest was all done in Manga Studio.

  4. Any plans for the Huzzah stuff to be printed at all?

  5. Hi Jason, I think there's a plan to make Huzzah!! Noir available as print on demand in 22 page comic book format. It would be affordable for anybody that wanted a proper copy seeing as it's black and white.

    Not sure about regular Huzzah, it could possibly get collected into a book available as POD too. I'd like one, these things can get harder to read on the internet as the pages accumulate, especially for newcomers.


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