Monday, April 6, 2009

Er, another DFC cover!

(Cross-posted from my blog).

So I was going to do another cover for issue 44, but obviously that issue never existed! So I changed plans and made this one instead! I guess I could have done anything, like, stick figures or something. But I wondered if it was the last time I'd be drawing the characters (or in the case of the guy on the end, the first time!), so I tried to make it look nice! ^^; Though Bekka looks like she might have swallowed a bit too much sea-water......

The guy on the end is the last main character. He was meant to appear in the next season. He is my favourite character... ;3;

P.S. Ben says it looks like they're standing in a giant urinal!


  1. Even the ones facing the other way?
    Lovely drawing.

  2. Fabulous! And Bekka looks well sozzled, very fitting after she finds out she won't get to be on the cover. :-( That's awesome you made one anyway!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous work, love the minimalistic effect of the giant urinal background ;)

    I love the idea of 'doing DFC covers that never were', I will have to do one for Mo-bot High Season 3 one of these days!

  4. WAAAAIII! I laughed, I cried. *hug*

  5. - David Fickling has pledged to bring back the DFC. Please see the blog news post

  6. Cool. Why did we not know this? Ah well. I am sure we would have done sooner or later. :-)
    Or maybe its just me....... guys?

  7. Er, oh! Thanks for posting that, Jayne! I've made a new blog entry for it.


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