Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mitch and Daisy get adopted

Well not exactly but... The recent Exhibition of FRONTIER artwork at the Jaffe&Neale Bookshop also involved a competition. The brief was to produce a comic strip on an A4 piece of paper and in some way include the words Weird Wild and West. The proud winner was George Harris of Holy Trinity School, Chipping Norton.
As a recognition of his talents George recieved signed copies of the 11 issues of TheDFC featuring FRONTIER as well as the picture of Mitch and Daisy that was done for the 'Farewell Page' in the final issue of TheDFC. George is thrilled and looking forward to reading his bundle of DFCs this Easter break.
I think Mitch and Daisy have gone to a good home ;-)

George Harris's competition entry


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