Monday, April 20, 2009


Latest piece of art for the new Wildman/Cobley project. Oh look. A robot ;-)
from stuff


  1. "ROBOT!!" indeed!
    He totally justifies the capitals. Lovely work.

  2. Thanks guys. Its been a while since I actually did anything with ink. Mostly pencils these days. This line style is something that I was using a little on FRONTIER and has been used in my concept work for video games but it is great to use it with a pen and ink :-)

  3. Amazing stuff, frankly. Love that linework - it's got a fantastic old woodcut-y vibe!

  4. Has a little bit of a Wrightson/Stout vibe to me. I mean that as the highest praise!

  5. Many thanks for the comments guys. :-)
    I understand the Wrightson thing. Always loved his work but the biggest influence on that kind of 'woodcuty' vibe is the completely awesome and my favourite illustrator, Franklin Booth :-)
    Hopefully I will get a chance to do more of this if the book gets the green light :-)
    Watch this space

  6. What nibs/pens did you use, btw...? (I know, I know... Art Anorak Alert...)

  7. Super special secret ones ;-)
    I have tried many kinds of nibs over the years. Dip pens, felt pens, brushes etc etc and now I simply use the thing I should have used all along. Something that doesnt get messy, doesnt run the risk of having you knock the ink bottle over etc. I use a cheap cartridge pen like I used to use when I was at school and put indelible black ink cartridges in it. Job done. For the tick lines and for blocking in I use a Sharpie fibre tip pen :-)


  8. Well blow me down. 'Just goes to show, doesn't it? I'm thinking of going back to the biro - you can get some lovely lines out of them humble ballpoints.


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