Sunday, April 19, 2009

A slushy hiss

Another super-duper swords-n-sorcery picture from the extremely talented and imaginative Russ Nicholson - whom I think Garen is going to invite onto the blog, so I'll get all the flattery out of the way now so as not to embarrass him.

This was an illustration for my role-playing game Dragon Warriors to accompany the following scene:
The crew scatter in all directions as the strange projectile descends. For a moment you think it is going to miss the deck, but then it veers in mid-air and falls with a slushy hiss. It looks like a huge ball of green snow, maybe, or else a very dense cloud of glowing vapour. You take a few steps forward, perplexed. The captain has ordered pails of water brought, thinking that the object was a lump of flaming pitch. But it gives off no heat or flames, just a billowing column of pale-green vapour.

The column of vapour rises higher, thickening. Dark outlines become visible inside the swirling cloud. Three cloaked figures. A sudden gust of wind stirs the cloud and disperses it. As the tattered wisps drift away, three black-armoured warriors are revealed. They are swathed in cloaks of black and vermillion and stand in a circle, their hands resting on the pommels of their unsheathed swords. The tallest has long black hair with a single streak of silver. You draw your own sword as you see how his eyes blaze with malevolence...
Purple prose? We gamers call it flavour text :-)

Russ gave me the original artwork for this one btw. Hence the self-satisfied tone.


  1. Oh... where is my old copy of 'Warlock of Firetop Mountain'?! What a lovely illustration.

  2. I grew up on Fighting Fantasy - Russ Nicholson was always one of my favourite illustrators from the series.

  3. You wouldn't think that he also used to draw strips for girls' comics like Jackie!


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