Thursday, April 9, 2009

You wizardly artists

I've just been putting up a post on the Mirabilis blog about the art process. As a writer, I find it pretty mysterious and wonderful the way Leo can take one of my scrappy little layout sketches and turn it into the scene that actually happened in my mind. Then it's stunning to see that go from pencils to hard inks to colour - like a bunch of Christmasses in a row.

(I realize that you artists will now be shaking your heads and saying, "There's no magic, just a lot of hard work" and thinking how writers really are a funny lot.)

Anyway, I do love the finished art but sometimes there's a beauty in just the rough pencils that it's a shame to have to give up. Like this panel. Leo has got a kind of Batman pose to Jack that I'm sure wasn't intentional (he's no superhero fan) but that pushes all my buttons. Better not get started, though, or I'll be wittering about how similar Leo's ink lines are to George Tuska's...

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