Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm going to be a pop star -

- well not really, but I might be in the charts. Mika's new EP comes with a delicious 68 page book featuring all sorts of artists and illustrators, plus your very own cat drawerer Jim.
I reckon it's going to be a very nice package, but most excitingly I'm in there alongside Huck Scarry which makes me one degree of separation away from my all-time favourite children's author and illustrator Richard Scarry.

I'm not going to post my contribution - you have to buy it yourself. Out June 8th, or preorder of Mika's website.
I will start putting some other pussycat pictures here for y'all soon - I promise!


  1. Very cool :-) PETER BLAKE!!!!!

  2. I was just thinking yesterday - we need some Jim Medway on this blog!


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