Friday, May 8, 2009


Are you old enough to remember this advert?

Woodrow Phoenix (Horse of a Different Colour, Donny Digits) lent me some of his 1970's comics and I remembered how fascinated I was with the idea of these sea-monkeys.
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  1. I certainly remember those ads, given that I was reading US Marvel imports since 1968. Sea Monkeys was always intriguing, Charles Atlas was something I always wanted to know about and I never knew what GRIT was all about. I am sure there were others but those are the ones I remember. Oh yes, X-Ray glasses :-)

  2. I remember those. The idea seemed really intriguing - little people-critters in a fish tank! It's like that miniaturized city Superman had in his Fortress. How *did* they get away with the advertising?

  3. And they were actually dried brine shrimp, is that correct? I remember reading a great comic strip once (possibly by Evan Dorkin?) about the crushing disappointment of a kid receiving his packet of sea monkeys in the post and discovering they were somewhat... less than advertised.

    Great pic, anyway!

  4. They were brine shrimps. Trading standards eh, Ya wouldnt get away with that in the uk. Not with the integrity of this government :-|
    Charles Atlas. I always wandered what 'Dynamic Tension' was. which was his body building method. Eventually I found out (not that I show the evidence) It was featured on an episode of 'The Waltons' of all things :-D
    Its a Canadian Army training method. Send me 5 bucks and I will tell you what it is ;-)

  5. We used to do dynamic tension exercises at karate - they were pretty good, but some people worried they may not be that good for you with a certain kind of 'goju' breathing technique which was very forced.

    My era for DC comics (I seldom bought Marvel) was the late 70s, and I used to drool at the wonderland of goodies (!) in those ads. I wanted a bucket of soldiers. I bet they were awful and cheap in reality.

    I really love your Sea Monkies, Sarah. I'll take a bucket-full :-)

  6. I actually got some a couple of years ago for my godson and his brother (Leo's boys) and they were exactly as unimpressive as I'd known they would be. Frolicking, fun-loving little monkeys, my foot! They were about as active as soap bubbles.

    However, if the Transcience Corporation (surely an invention of J J Abrams?) would kindly bioengineer your version, Sarah, then I would happily buy a crateful :-)

    Dynamic tension? Must be hard work!


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