Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Secret project

An illustration for a graphic novel project being produced in Sweden. Like Andi Ewington's project '45' this is a book with each page by a different artist. Another opportunity to go crazy with the linework again :-)
On to colour now.


  1. Wow, Andrew, that's gorgeous!

    And now I'm doing a whole projection thing on it... I want to BE that chick!

  2. Fab - it really draws you in. Can't wait to see the colour version!

  3. thanks guys :-) I will certainly post the colour one when its done. I kinda like B&W myself but there ya go.
    Maybe I ought to get an agent. Know any?

  4. I can suggest a couple (Curtis Brown are my own agents; there's also Shiel Land) but not sure that they have many contacts in comics, being UK-based. You might do better with a US agent like ICM. Still, let me know if you'd like an intro.

  5. Cheers Dave. I guess I was thinking of artists agents for book illustration work but thanks for the contacts. Might be very useful :-)

  6. Mine isn't very fond of comics (for money reasons) but we could have a chat if you want. :-)

  7. That's a lovely drawing, Andrew.


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