Thursday, November 12, 2009

DFC Library news!

David Fickling hosted an exciting meeting on Tuesday to discuss the future of the DFC through the DFC Library. You can find out about what went on at the meeting over on Sarah's blog here!


  1. I love those covers. I hope the books sell like hotcakes. No, better than hotcakes! (Who does buy hotcakes, anyway...)

  2. I had hotcakes just this saturday, and very nice they were too.

    Pre-ordered all three books today, and will be encouraging everyone I know to do similarly, in the STRONGEST POSSIBLE TERMS ;)

  3. Damn I want a hotcake.

    Thanks for putting this up, Sarah! Champion! And these REALLY. NEED. TO. BE. PUT. UP. EVERYWHERE. I've already seen people commenting they want to wait to get their favourite strips, so it needs to be ENFORCED that there won't BE any more if these DO NOT SELL PROPERLY. If someone doesn't feel like buying any of these particular ones they need to pass the word on to someone who WILL.

    Jeez, sorry, I need to get off the coffee.

  4. We should print up some Super Comics Adventure Squad cards for Christmas and put a thing on the back saying, "Stuck for prezzie ideas? Check out the DFC Library" and a link. Seriously!

    Now, where I can I get your Terran hotcakes?

  5. I have my Hotcakes in a little Tupperware box that I carry around with my Hope sandwiches and Optimism fruit juice. I'm all out of Realism pie, unfortunately.

    I have also pre-ordered. Me and Amazon, we go way back.


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