Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shadowquake & Shnookie Ep.3

'Finally got around to furthering the exploits of this star-crossed twosome. I very much doubt I'd have even attempted pitching this particular episode to the DFC - as you can see, it's especially untethered!


  1. I'd like to think that this would have appeared inn The DFC. Brilliantly barmy stuff.

  2. My wife is worried that I may have a secret Shadowquake side ;) Fabulous stuff - the more untethered the better! (Hey Nelson, weren't you talking about doing one where they visit Shnookie's granny..?)

  3. Not long now, Dave, not long..! Only a couple more episodes to go before Grannie makes her first (and let's face it, probably final) appearance.

    And is there a man alive who doesn't have an inner Shadowquake?

    Cheers Peter. It was actually the presence of Jamie Smart's strips in the DFC that prompted me to imagine that S&S might have had a home there. There's this unhinged cartoon violence running through a lot of his work, but it's always done in an incredibly sweet, approachable sort of way. Quite a trick. I always loved how the comic would warp into a slightly more demented version of itself whenever Fish Head Steve took over for a page or two.

  4. This is sublime! Long live unhinged cartoon violence, I say...


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