Monday, November 2, 2009

Hashtag Funnies

Hey Squaddies! I have been trying a new thing on my blog called Hashtag Funnies, where I draw a 1-hour comic every morning based on one of the day's trending topics on twitter. It's a warmup exercise, kind of thing. I can't vouch for them all making sense particularly, but I have certainly been enjoying it, and it does seem to make me more productive in the mornings, so that's the main thing.

I hesitated about linking to them here as sometimes the strips contain kind of.. well, "mature themes" sounds a bit strong, as heaven knows they're not very mature at all, but... I dunno. They get a bit, um... weird sometimes?

Gosh, that was awkardly phrased, wasn't it?

Anyway, if you feel you are of sound mind and able to handle the occasional bit of weirdness, why not go and have a look?


  1. Neill, those are awesome! My faves: the guy coming out as gay and the Pope's letter - but they're all gems.

  2. ... and it is a fun thing Neill! ' truth is' is my fave.

  3. Excellent! Full of beautifully nailed awkwardness.

  4. You know how to make your life difficult dont you ;-) A great idea though. Keep it up.

  5. ...and now, having read an article about twittering, i even know what 'hashtag' means...

  6. Total insanity but what fun! Love the style references and the Mick Anglo style superhero on "This Is It".

  7. Thanks chaps! It's good to know which ones people like, I'm thinking of printing a few off for a thing and want to pick the best ones.

    It's a weird thing, the time constraint makes it almost like thinking about making a really really low-budget film - characters, sets, props etc. all cost money, or in this case minutes...


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