Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new decade

what's it going to be called anyway, this new decade? has anyone heard yet?

my *day job* is drawing cartoons for magazines like *private eye*, *the spectator*, etc -- here's my review of 2009, in cartoon form.


  1. Fun cartoons, Will. It's nice to start the new year with a smile!

    I'm wondering how long we will go on calling the year "Two thousand and..." Surely by 2019, or whatever, we'll just be saying "Twenty nineteen". So maybe "twenty ten" is the place to start?

  2. cheers dave. agreed on 2010 -- but you know like they called the last decade the noughties -- i'm just wondering what those media folk have come up with for the new decade...?

  3. My wife was wondering about that. Her suggestion is "the teens" but I think the media's preference (following on from the noughties) will be "the oners".

    We'll soon know :) Either way, happy New Year.

  4. ha! *the oners* -- i wonder... or *the onIES*? someone else mentioned *the teenies*, but of course that wouldn't work for the first 3 years of the decade...
    i wait with baited breath...

    happy new year!


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